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Visit the Modern Scholar website to see four of Peter Navarro's titles on investing, getting an MBA, China, and learning basic economics.

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      Clear, concise, and exceptionally readable, The Well-Timed Strategy makes complex business cycle strategy and tactics easy to understand—and even easier to act upon.
       You’ll learn how to tailor your marketing messages and product lines to the business cycle “seasons”...manage production and inventories to anticipate recessions, recoveries, and sector rotation...exploit recessionary “soft spots” to negotiate better deals...use tactical hedging and long-term contracts to insulate against inflation...prepare for layoffs before a recession...hire earlier in an upswing, when you can “cherry pick” better staff at lower wages...time strategic acquisitions, divestitures, and major capital investments.

     No matter what markets you serve, The Well-Timed Strategy can help you increase your profitability — every day, every quarter, every year.


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