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A Personal Message From Peter
The Well-Timed Strategy is a book that was five years in the making -- and I loved every minute of it.  My goal was to reveal how the best companies in the world strategically and tactically manage the business cycle.  Helped by a large army of MBA students, my team gathered hundreds of case examples and thousands of data points.  This information has been distilled into one of the most useful strategy books any executive team can embrace.  I strongly urge every visitor to this site to consider buying this book.  It's chock full of keen insights from some of the most sophisticated strategic minds in the world of  business today.

"Peter Navarro has written a remarkable, path-breaking book about strategic management of the business cycle that is destined to be a classic in both corporate boardrooms and business schools."

Bernard Baumohl, Exec.Dir., Economic Outlook Group, Author, "The Secrets of Economic Indicators."


"Navarro's conclusions should be an integral part of any management strategy playbook. Timing is indeed everything, and this book shows you how to master it for a successful business."

Bruce Karatz, Chairman and CEO, KB Home


“In The Well-Timed Strategy, Navarro provides a useful primer on business cycle risks and opportunities.”

Michael Milken, Chairman, The Milken Institute


"What surprised me the most about this wonderful "Big Ideas" book was not how incisive, useful, and far-ranging its strategic prescriptions are but rather how much fun I actually had  eading it."

Mark Zandi, Chief Economist & Co-Founder, Economy.com


"Here finally is a book for business executives and investors alike that clearly and compellingly explains how the very best companies strategically and tactically manage the business cycle for competitive advantage."

Michael Covel, Author, 'Trend Following:


"A path-breaking book full of useful war stories from the front lines."

Stephan G Richter, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, theGlobalist.com


"Peter Navarro is that rare academic whose expertise spans both strategic management and technical economics -- and writes like a dream."

Peter Passell, Editor, Milken Institute Review.


"The business cycle bedevils all companies, yet few take it into account when plotting strategy. Peter Navarro provides a powerful set of tools, insights and examples that will help every executive master the all-important art of timing."
Nicholas G. Carr, Author of "Does IT Matter?"

“The overriding approach to real estate success used to be “location, location, location”, but it is an absolute fact that “timing, timing, timing” is the ultimate driver behind maximizing return on investment. The Well-Timed Strategy is an insightful look into the critical concept of knowing not just howto make a move, but more importantly, when.”

Richard S. Ziman, Chairman and CEO, Arden Realty

"This book is a virtual tour de force of strategies and tactics being used by some of best "Master Cyclist" business executives in the world."

--Lakshman Achuthan

Managing Director, ECRI


Despite the profound impact that the business cycle has on the fortunes and fate of so many businesses large and small -- and the employees and investors that depend on them – you will not find a single book that offers a comprehensive guide to strategically and tactically managing the business cycle.   

     The Well-Timed Strategy shows you how to manage not just the business cycle and industry cycles but also today’s unprecedented level of macroeconomic turbulence. Peter Navarro shows how to align every facet of business strategy, tactics, and operations to reflect changing business conditions—so you can ride with the business cycle – not get run over.

     Comparable in leading edge impact to Blue Ocean Strategy and written in the tradition of the bestselling book by Jim Collins: Good to Great.

The Kirkus Review
Managing the Business Cycle for Competitive Advantage

Author: Navarro, Peter

Review Date: NOVEMBER 01, 2005
Publisher:Wharton School Publishing
Price (hardback): $27.99
Publication Date: February 2006
ISBN (hardback): 0131494201

Don’t miss this guide to surviving—and thriving—during topsy-turvy industry fluctuations.

The ups-and-downs of the business cycle are unavoidable, says Navarro, a professor of business at the University of California-Irvine—the market expands, then recedes, then expands again. Informed business managers won’t panic; rather, with Navarro’s help, they will become “master cyclists.” To manage the economic cycle, you first have to be able to identify the movements in the market. Navarro describes several economic forecasters that managers can use to navigate, including the yield curve and the Conference Board’s Index of Leading Economic Indicators. The bulk of the book is devoted to spelling out strategies for managing the business cycle: the master cyclist counter-cycles capital expenditures, buys high and sells low and snaps up great employees at low wages when a surrounding recession has forced competitors to lay off talented workers. He provides countless examples of real companies that have brilliantly managed the business cycle. Lehman Bothers has, to great advantage, hired during recessions. Dell Computers poured more money into advertising during the 1990-91 recession, and won customers from more established computer firms who had slashed their advertising budget.

The United States may be entering an economic slump, in which case this book will prove all the more valuable.

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 Clear, concise, and exceptionally readable, The Well-Timed Strategy makes complex business cycle strategy and tactics easy to understand—and even easier to act upon.
       You’ll learn how to tailor your marketing messages and product lines to the business cycle “seasons”...manage production and inventories to anticipate recessions, recoveries, and sector rotation...exploit recessionary “soft spots” to negotiate better deals...use tactical hedging and long-term contracts to insulate against inflation...prepare for layoffs before a recession...hire earlier in an upswing, when you can “cherry pick” better staff at lower wages...time strategic acquisitions, divestitures, and major capital investments.

     No matter what markets you serve, The Well-Timed Strategy can help you increase your profitability — every day, every quarter, every year.


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